We are closed!

We are closed!  It has been an epic six years, thanks to all of you who dined with us, thanks to all of you who we had an opportunity to meet and serve!


Haunted Place


Our building is set upon an old silver mine. Numerous staff members and restaurant guests report ghost sightings, tool movement, children's laughter, random light flickering, and many more paranormal activities.

Frequent Ghost Sightings

The Old Man

On numerous occasions, guests, and staff members report seeing an old man dressed as a miner.  Being that we are on a silver mine, this is very possible.  People often report the old man sitting in booth #4 just watching.  He is often seen in the kitchen, the door way, or in the main dining room watching our every move.

The Wedding Dress

On a few occasions, there has been a woman in a wedding dressed seen in the restaurant.  Once we caught her on camera!  We were viewing the camera’s remotely, and saw a woman in what looked like a white wedding dress by the back door.  We had a staff member investigate, and when he approached her position, she disappeared from sight on the cameras, leaving us all shocked.

Children's Laughter

Numerous customers and staff members report hearing a child’s laughter by the front counter.  We look around and cannot explain the laughter or tell exactly where it is coming from!

Staff Ghost Encounters


I arrived for work early to put on my makeup for the day.  I locked the doors and set the alarm so I could hear if someone else walked in.  I then went into the locker room to put on my makeup.  All of a sudden, I heard this loud scratching noise.  I thought Tyler came in early and was seating a table.  I hurried and put on my makeup, left the locker room to find the restaurant deserted, no one was there, the door wasn’t opened, and the alarm wasn’t turned off.  I was by myself with no explanation of the scratching noise.


I was closing for the night when Tyler called me asking why a guest was standing in the back room.  I told him I was alone and that no one was in the restaurant with me.  He asked me to go check it out and ask if the woman was okay.  I told him again I was alone and didn’t see anyone in the restaurant.  He told me he was watching the cameras with Lynne and Ken, they could see a woman wearing a white dress standing in the “dragon room.”  I walked over, them watching me walk around the restaurant toward where they saw the woman.  As I walked to where they saw her, she all of a sudden disappeared.  We all watched the video and could never explain what we saw; however, all of us saw the woman in white.


I often hear the walk-in cooler door latch or unlatch by itself.  The door is heavy!  It is probably 100 pounds, which means the wind would not be able to move the door.  When I leave the walk-in after grabbing a few things, I close the door, after I walk away, I hear the door unlatch and open by itself.  Each timet his has happened, no one has been in or near the door!  None of us can explain what is happening or why it is happening.


During Sundance this year (2014) we stayed late for private parties, Angie, Tyler and I were locking up around 2:00AM on Wednesday night.  We have a Shoji blocking off the “Dragon Room” when it’s not in use.  Angie all of a sudden let out a gasp, I looked where she was looking, then Tyler looked.  We all saw it, this creepy shadow face staring at us from behind the Shoji.  What is scary about the experience, there were no lights on in the Dragon Room, there is no explanation of why there would be a face staring at us, and all three of us saw the face.


On the mornings I open early by myself, I often hear the door bells on the front door opening.  Each time I hear the bells, I go check the door, and it is always locked.  The only time the bells go off is when the door is fully opened, not just pulled.  I have also seen pizza pans fly out in front of me, then drop straight down.  Not a normal gravity pull, but seriously fly out flat in front of me, then drop straight to the floor as if someone picked up the pans, held it in the air, then dropped them.

Angie Pt 2

During Sundance I was delivering to a table and I felt my pony tail get pulled!  A guest told me she saw my pony tail go up in the air like someone taller than I was pulling my hair.  It wasn’t a light pull either, it felt like a serious tug!   That same night I had a guest sitting in booth 3 tell me that she saw out of the corner of her eye an old man with a miners hat sitting in Booth 4 alone.  The weird thing about her experience is that most of the staff has seen the same thing, in the same place!



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